Natural Paw Balm
Natural Paw Balm
Natural Paw Balm
Natural Paw Balm
Natural Paw Balm
Natural Paw Balm

Natural Paw Balm

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Our paw balm will help protect, moisturize and heal your pets paws, snouts, and anywhere on their bodies.
Whether their paws and snouts are dry, cracked, or just plain old irritated, or they have a minor cut or scrape, this balm will provide that layer of protection while helping to heal and moisturize. 
It also helps protect from harsh weather or chemical salts. It'll even protect against the build up of snow balls between their toes!
Apply anytime or before walks, or potty breaks, and reapply as often as needed.
Our paw balm is made from my very own recipe where I've added a little more beeswax vs a traditional paw balm because the natural repelling quality of the beeswax will keep the balm on through snow, water, mud, licking and more. This helps the olive and coconut oils to have a chance to heal and moisturize.


Below I've listed the benefits of each ingredient that highlights why and how our paw balm works:



- Beeswax makes a great barrier to the skins surface, providing a thin protective film against irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe.

It has water repelling properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant.


- Organic virgin coconut oil has skin nourishing and protecting properties, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, all of which help to heal minor skin irritations.


- Olive Oil is moisturizing and will help to soothe such irritations.


The ingredients are all natural and safe for your pets to lick, and can be used on both dogs and cats.
100% pure beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, 100% pure virgin olive oil
Available In:
0.15oz Tube 
2oz Tin
4oz Tin
The tubes are perfect for your pets little snouts and the tins are great for an easy application to your pets paws, just simply put the tin of paw balm directly on your pets paw and give a gentle but firm twist of the tin and that's it!