Salmon Natural Cat Treats - WHEAT FREE
Salmon Natural Cat Treats - WHEAT FREE

Salmon Natural Cat Treats - WHEAT FREE

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Salmon’s omega 3 fatty acids help your cats to have healthy skin and a shiny, thick coat, and is a great source of protein. We also added fresh catnip to these treats, and we will explain why.

Did you know?

Catnip is usually known for making our cats frisky, but it actually has quite the opposite effect when ingested. When a cat eats catnip it acts like a mild sedative, similar to chamomile tea we drink before bed, and you might have even noticed most sleepy time teas have added catnip in them.

Along with its relaxing benefits, catnip can also help soothe minor tummy troubles and digestion for your cat.



Oat flour, salmon, natural catnip, egg, water


 Feeding Guidelines:

Can be fed daily as a treat only, or otherwise recommended by your veterinarian.

We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian before feeding your pets new foods that you may be unsure about. 

Store in a cool, dry area.

 All our handcrafted pet treats are baked and dehydrated, allowing them to stay fresh for up to 6 months or more if stored properly.