Hi! My name is Jessica, and I am the creator and owner of Milly & Me Handcrafted Pet Products!

I am a pet parent of five wonderful animals. We have two dogs Milly and Buddy and three cats Edgar, Willow, and Gema. As a pet parent, I of course want what every other pet parent wants for their fur babies, to make sure they live the happiest and healthiest lives I can possibly give them!

In 2013 I adopted our sweet girl Milly, who helped me to em”bark” on this incredible journey. Shortly after adopting Milly I noticed that she had an extremely sensitive stomach to a lot of foods and treats I was feeding her. After doing my research I quickly learned how misleading labels can be and that it was not food but simply the hidden, nasty chemicals, fillers, preservatives, and all that extra unnatural junk in the dog treats I was feeding her that caused her to have a constant upset stomach.

With further research and a mission to create healthy and safe treats that my pets would enjoy, I created my very own recipes for homemade natural pet treats making sure our fur babies are no longer being fed any unnatural ingredients!

So combining my mission with my love for animals, gardening, baking, and crafting, Milly & Me Handcrafted Pet Products was born!!

We started our home based business in 2016, and have been blessed with meeting so many amazing people and their pets that have helped us to grow, learn and get to where we are today! And we absolutely love that we get this opportunity to offer our handcrafted pet products to your pets and help to make their lives and yours happier and healthier!